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The best way to get away from it all is to close your eyes and let yourself be pampered. The Vilar has a selection of beauty treatments and massages to let you enjoy a unique experience in this tranquil rural setting.

Pay an extra 10 euros
Enjoy the head and foot massage during your wrap treatment.
Anti-stress and Aromatherapy
A complete body massage with aromatic oils to relax both body and mind. Calming and soothing for tired visitors, using a fruit cocktail of grapefruit, green lemon, orange and red mandarin.
 Lasted Price
 50 minuts 57€   
Anti-stress and Aromatherapy (Precious island flowers)
A complete body massage with aromatic oils to relax body and mind.
Precious island flowers: achieve that perfect well-being as a result of the combination of three flowers: amancayo (passion flower), tarongina (orange flower), and the ilang ilang. A perfume you will never forget!
 Lasted Price
 50 minuts 57€   
Ayurvedic Vatha
A Hindu massage with hot sesame oil to achieve a balanced state of mind and body, according to Indian philosophy. The Ayurvedic vatha massage is one of the most soothing, relaxing and best anti-stress treatment that exists.
 Lasted Price
 60 minuts 70€   
Cranial massage combined with gentle neck stretching. Recommended for tension pains and headaches.
 Lasted Price
 25 minuts 30€   
Dark xocolat
A wicked pleasure for chocolate lovers!
 Lasted Price
 90 minuts 86€   
Muscular contractions
A massage combined with muscle stretching for tension and contraction problems.
 Lasted Price
 60 minuts 60€   
The Elixir of Life (Black grapes)
A black grapes wrap to combat stress, oxidation and free radicals. A total immersion in the kingdom of red wine.
 Lasted Price
 90 minuts 86€   
A massage to avoid muscular contraction and eliminate toxins after prolonged exercise.
 Lasted Price
 50 minuts 50€   
Fango mud (focus laminaria)
Reduction techniques to combat fatty tissue and cellulite. Drainage with lemon essence, oregano and ivy through massage.
 Lasted Price
 60 minuts 60€   
Hot stones
Submerge in a deep state of relaxation and well-being, harmonising your vital energy flow and stabilising your ying and yang as they work on your energy channels and chakras.
 Lasted Price
 60 minuts 70€   
 90 minuts 80€   
It is important to reserve these treatments
It is vitally important that guests check on availability and reserve treatments/massages.
Candle wax massage

A candle wax massage will awaken your senses. A warm hydrating massage, thanks to its combination of bees wax and vegetable oils.
Sweet Orient: a sublime relaxing odour of sandalwood and orange. A perfume with an oriental touch, warm and bewitching. A must for those exotic oriental evenings!
 Lasted Price
 50 minuts 60€   
Model shine (diamant-hematites-Ómbar)
Model shine (diamond-hematite-amber)
A jewel of a treatment, done with a fusion of diamond, hematite and amber powder dust. A body treatment to firm and remodel, giving your skin a special brilliance.
Essential oils + three layers of Model shine dust + cranial and general massage.
 Lasted Price
 90 minuts 100€   
Localised or general, back, arms and legs.
 Lasted Price
 30 minuts 38€   
 50 minuts 50€   
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